The «Mobile Rehabilitation Service» project helps children and adults diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta and other bone pathologies.

The project works in two areas — physical therapy and occupational therapy. Classes are held at the Turner Scientific and Research Center for Children’s Traumatology and Orthopedics in St. Petersburg and online.

    • The project team is led by Nadezhda Yepishina, a physical therapist, also includes Olga Makukhina, a physical therapist, and Elena Shoshina, an occupational therapist;
    • More than 40 families — project participants from more than 20 regions of the Russian Federation, the CIS and European countries;
    • Comprehensive assistance: assessment of physical condition, adaptation of the environment, consultations on therapy, rehabilitation and care for infants and older children and adolescents;
    • Webinars to help children and adolescents, the publication of useful materials in social networks, the recommendation of the necessary thematic literature;
  • Building a knowledge base on rare bone pathologies.

We know that «fragile» children are much stronger than they may seem at first glance, and we strive to make them believe in their own strength and learn to use it.

Parents of «fragile» children always have a lot of questions and they are very different. Given the psychological state of the family, specialists provide the necessary support — not only informational, but also the most basic, human.  Nadezhda speaks about «Mobile Rehabilitation Service» as follows: «When children get to the project, they begin to move more and learn to separate unreasonable fears from reasonable caution. Over time they become more confident and active. This has a very positive effect on their quality of life and self-esteem.